To Whom It May Concern:

Everything about our youngest son's early birth and development had seemed problem free. It gradually became apparent however that something was wrong in terms of his speech. At a time when other children his age were able to communicate with words and sometimes simple sentences, much of what he said was still unintelligible. We later found out through testing with Orange County educational services that he had been born with or later developed somehow a central auditory processing problem. This of course was distressing to us, as we were very worried about the potential ramifications of this in his life. We began the long process of trying to identify and follow through with whatever help was available for him through private therapists and the public school system. Along the way we've been blessed by talented and giving teachers.

At this point he is scheduled to go into the second grade, no longer has noticeable speech problems, gets excellent grades in all subjects, and now reads far beyond the average for his grade level. We have felt thankful for everyone involved in his training and education, as each helped him progress to his current status. For us however, the person who stands out as the one who helped him to not only progress but also actually leap forward in terms of his language development and other cognitive skills was Jenni Franz. She seemed to challenge and inspire him in a way that lead to changes in him that we found surprising and wonderful. His abilities really blossomed under her guidance and we will always be grateful that our paths intertwined. We attribute much of his current success to her efforts. We also always appreciated how approachable she was when we had questions or concerns.
Feel free to consider this an endorsement of her and her work.

Ligia and Charles Lammers, Ph.D.

My son has AS and has been seen by Jenni Franz for services. Mrs. Franz is second to none in her ability to connect with my child. She truly enjoys her work and my son senses that he is liked and accepted by her. Each session has been well-planned, tightly documented, and begins and ends on time. Mrs. Franz uses the most effective models and up-to-date techniques and my son loves attending his sessions. I also appreciate the fact that she often asks for any areas of concern from my husband and I so that she can incorporate them into her plan for my son. We have seen great progress in him while he has been working with Mrs. Franz. You will not meet a person more dedicated to children with special needs then Jenni Franz. It is an honor to know her and I want my son to learn from her for many years to come.

Dorothy and John Gill
Winter Park, Florida

I can't tell you how excited I was to see today's performances by the pre-Ks and Mrs Franz's class. I have known many of the children with ASD in these classes since they were toddlers, and the progress that your staff has made with these children is remarkable. The efforts of the teachers, paraprofessionals and support staff in teaching these children are extensive. The number of children, who started out at Brookshire as non-verbal, socially disinterested children with many attention problems who are now able to produce several multiple word sentences, remain on stage performing without meltdowns, and show genuine interest and pride in their accomplishments is just amazing. My jaw hit the table when I heard two of my little clients who started this year nonverbal producing sentences as if they were always talking! I know the parents were equally impressed. This was the highlight of my month!

Thank you so much for assembling and preserving such a talented team of educators, and for your continued commitment to the great program you have at Brookshire.

Teresa Daly, Ph.D
Director, UCF Center for Autism and Related Disabilities

I recently changed my business title but before the change came about I was an educational consultant in Winter Park for four years. Part of my services were to provide program ideas, give classroom management training, and to evaluate current employees in non-profit organizations working with school aged children K-12th grade. I met Mrs. Jennifer Franz as my grandson's teacher in kindergarten. I'd like to share some of the observations that I made during that year. Her approach to children is gentle and caring yet firm which is exactly what we need in education now a days. I went into her class a few times to offer my help and found her to be consistent and creative at all times. Later I inquired about her speech therapy services for my grandson as well. He had been attending speech classes but I felt he needed that extra one on one help that Mrs. Franz might be able to give to him. From the start what I liked was how easy and quickly it was for her to design a schedule that suited both her time and ours. She evaluated my grandson, age six, and reported back to us about where she felt his weaknesses and strengths were and how we could best address his needs. She recommended that he be seen several times a week which I knew would be best as well. My own background is in education. I graduated from Penn State with a BA degree in Education. I always like to meet my grandson's teachers and each year I admit that I come to his school prepared to evaluate them on classroom management, creativity, and warmth. Mrs. Franz impressed me from the start! I knew this would be a perfect match for my grandson to get the help with his speech that he needed and I have not been disappointed. She always provides a safe environment for him as she shares her wealth of knowledge as well as that big old sweet heart of hers. She has this wonderful ability to come up with ways to help him to practice his speech while all along he just thinks it is a cool new game they are playing. Examples of this are when she used his love of "Pokeman" and "American Idol" to help motivate him. It was clever and fun which led me to conclude that thinking beyond the box is quite natural for her. Bottom line is that I would recommend Mrs. Franz to anyone who is considering her services. She will not only help your child's speech problems to improve but in the meantime your sweet little one will feel safe, cared about, and special. Now parents we all know it just doesn't get any better than that!

Brenda Luby

My son has worked with Jenni Franz for about two years. He has really progressed with his math, reading and social skills. Jenni is very patient with all of the kids and provides a great balance of structure and kindness. Her loving nature is very apparent with all of the children and she has a great ability to connect with each child and help them with their specific needs. My son loves her enthusiasm and creativity and she is always full of fun and learning!

Sue Adamczak

Jennifer Franz enthusiastically welcomes children with special needs into her Kindergarten classroom. She often seeks out students who have had difficulty transitioning into other classrooms and requests them to be in her class. Jennifer strives to provide the support needed so all students with special needs can flourish. Jennifer has set up her room with visual cues, and she uses them throughout the day to cue children who have difficulties with transitions, facilitate comprehension of academic material, and stimulate problem solving. She uses incentive plans in her classroom and communicates daily with parents. She uses a variety of brain research strategies, including music, color, scent, and movement to stimulate learning, improve memory, and create a positive emotional atmosphere. She promotes a loving, nurturing, and tolerant classroom; where the children support one another as they learn to understand their unique characteristics. Jennifer reads everything about exceptionalities that she can get her hands on and often attends workshops regarding autism, attention deficit disorder, learning disabilities, language delay, and more. She eagerly shares this material and her expertise with colleagues and parents. Jennifer is an outstanding educator who is passionate about helping children with special needs succeed in the general education classroom. What better time for her fellow teachers to recognize her tremendous efforts and recommend her for the Council for Exceptional Children’s Teacher of the Year

Beth Taylor and Muriel Byrd